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U17 Futures Vic Metro

Zak Kennedy|Tue 13 Aug 2019

Well done to Connor Downie, Jack Diedrich, Joshua Clarke and Wil Parker who represented Vic Metro in the U17 Futures Match v Queensland on Sunday.

VIC METRO   1.5   4.8   6.10   10.11 (71)

QUEENSLAND   1.2   4.3   5.5   6.7 (43)



Vic Metro: L. Failli (Western) 2, O. Lord (Sandringham) 2, L. McMahon (Northern) 2, J. Cardillo (Calder), J. Diedrich (Eastern), L. Jenkins (Oakleigh), F. Macrae (Oakleigh)


Best players

Vic Metro: R. McInnes (Oakleigh), F. Elliot (Oakleigh), C. Downie (Eastern), J. Cardillo, J. Bowey (Sandringham), L. McMahon


Top disposal-getters

Vic Metro: F. Macrae 35, R. McInnes 24, F. Elliot 22, D. Hipwell (Sandringham) 22, A. Perkins (Sandringham) 22, L. Cleary (Sandringham) 21, J. Bowey 20, C. Downie (Eastern) 20, J. Cardillo 18, J. Clarke (Eastern) 15, L. Jenkins 14, W. Parker (Eastern) 13



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